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Life Upon The Wicked Stage: Showstoppers EdFringe Intro Anthem

Yes, the Showstoppers are back with a weekly round up of the festival in full song. But just to give you a taster, here's a quick intro dedicated to everyone heading up to Edinburgh this August. Check out the Showstoppers here.

Goose: 'David Schwimmer is back for another year'

Adam Drake and Ben Rowse are Goose, who appear to be obsessed with ex-Friends actor, David Schwimmer. They attempt to explain their fascination to Martin Walker before performing an extract from their Edinburgh Fringe show, Goose: Kablamo.

Beard: Joyful and Bizarre

Martin Walker talks to Matilda and Rosa, of sketch comedy double act, Beard. They aren’t sisters, but they are close and together they return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for another intimate hour of joyful and bizarre sketches. They perform an excerpt from the show for your delectation.

Tez Ilyas: 'Richard Dawkins got it wrong'

Sharp suited Tez Ilyas is BNP through and through - a British National Pakistani of course! Tez tells Martin Walker that for his Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut he will endow his audience as potential converts to Islam.