Broadway Baby

Jane Postlethwaite Made in Cumbria show


On the Mic podcast: Liam Mullone takes Fringepig to the Printers

Two years ago Liam Mullone changed Edinburgh Fringe comedy reviewing forever. Fed up of illiterate reviewers spoiling all the fun, he turned the tables on comedy critics with his 'review the reviewer' website, 'Fringepig'.
This year, in collaboration with superior comedy fanzine, 'Mustard' - 'Fringepig' will become a fully fledged magazine.
In an entertaining, wide ranging, no holds barred interview with Martin Walker he shares what he really thinks about 'The List', 'Fest', 'Chortle', 'Broadway Baby', the Edinburgh Council, the Fringe Society and people called Amanda.

Brighton Insider - The Marked

As puppetry becomes ever more popular with Fringe goers around the world, we decided to speak to London-based Theatre Temoin to find out more about their gritty tale of trouble and strife, as we eagerly await their performance at The Warren this weekend.

Road to the Fringe - Through the eyes of a producer

A well seasoned Brighton-Fringer, Rosie Blackwell-Sutton certianly has her hands full this year producing her own show as well as marketing three interestnig performances. Don't just take our word for it though, read on to find out how best to survive the Fringe, plus a little insider info about a well known festival director of ours...