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Naman Ramachandran talks Brahman Naman, Indian film, and Masturbation

Naman Ramachandran is a screenwriter, critic, and film journalist whose co-authored monograph Lights, Camera, Masala: Making Movies in Mumbai was published in 2006. Features Editor James T Harding met him at the European Premiere of his film Brahman Naman, directed by Q, to discuss brahmanism, the economics of Indian filmmaking, and masturbation methodology.

Duncan Paveling talks My Feral Heart, Down's Representation

Duncan Paveling makes his feature screenwriting debut with My Feral Heart, a portrait of Luke (Steven Brandon), a man with Down’s syndrome who has been the sole carer for his elderly mother for some time. When she dies, he is sent to the a rural care home where he forms an unorthodox friendship with a young man doing community service in the park next door. Features Editor James T Harding caught up with Duncan as the film made its UK premiere at the 2016 Edinburgh International Film Festival.