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​Brexit and Nazi Art: Interview with Ten Storey Love Song’s Paul Smith

Bobby Winner Ten Storey Love Song (adapted by Luke Barnes from the Richard Milward novel) is a play cum techno gig about five wretched tower-block inhabitants who deserve better from life. Broadway Baby’s Oliver Simmonds asks Paul Smith, artistic director of Hull-based Middle Child theatre about reacting to Brexit, unlikable characters, and (sort-of) being called a Nazi.

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally’s Ianthe Demos on Sentient Mobile Phones

If you’ve a maths brain, you might recognise the term ‘Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally’ as a mnemonic for the order of operations in arithmetic. It’s also the title of a new play from the US following the story of a maths teacher’s affair with one of her students - told from the point of view of a mobile phone. Chris Quilietti caught up with One Year Lease Theater Company’s artistic director, Ianthe Demos.

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