Spring Day: Learn How to Take a Punch - Free

As refreshing and witty as ever, Spring Day returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new show which takes some of the best bits of her 2011 Fringe appearance whilst offering up some brand new and equally funny material.

Giving her audience some background about herself, Day talks about living in Tokyo, Japan: the highs, the lows, the people, the culture. She talks about her love for Japan, the tradition of buying cake at Christmas but couples these positives with things such as the Earthquake of March 2011 and how everyone kept in touch through Facebook. As an English tutor living in Japan, Day talks about her students and how they have taken to her teaching methods, with stories for quirky and funny, you’ll wonder if she’s telling the truth or making them up for comical effect.

Suffering from a mild form of cerebral palsy, the bright, sassy comedienne talks about how this affected her in school and later in life with very funny, tongue-in-cheek stories, from getting away with all sorts in her childhood to being discriminated against and having no sense of camaraderie with others who suffer from a disability.

She leaves the main part of her performance to the end, the part which inspired both the title and poster and which was inspired by her father’s notion that all girls should experience a punch to the face at least once in their lives. With a nostalgic flair, she tells the audience about her time spent training and developing her boxing skills.

Spring Day is such a likable and friendly character with an incredibly infectious smile that draws the audience into her performance and wickedly delivered punch lines which have them falling over themselves with laughter, thinking ‘I can’t believe she just said that!’ They absolutely loved her and there is no doubt that you will too.


The Blurb

Balls to the wall bare-knuckled comedy straight from the heart that hits below the belt. This impish barnburner will leave you slap happy! ‘A definite must see’ **** (ThreeWeeks). www.springdaycomedy.com.