Richard Herring – ménage à un

Richard Herring returns to Edinburgh with his 21st show in 15 years. People of a certain age (mine, but don’t tell) will remember him from 1990s cult comedy classics, Fist of Fun and This Morning with Richard not Judy, with his erstwhile partner, Stewart Lee.

Ménage a un sees him present his second consecutive stand up show. He excels in the format this year, confident from start to finish, taking the audience with him despite the groans at certain topics as his twisted logic makes crazy connections. But groans and discomfort at being taken on a comic ride which ends up somewhere you didn’t expect it are just what a good stand up should deliver. If we’re not there to have our boundaries pushed then we probably shouldn’t be there.

Having seen a reduced version in recent years it is a delight to see Herring back on searing form. Nothing is sacred as he describes, for example, his despair at finding that someone is willing to marry Maxine Carr but he has, as yet, found no one willing to marry him. He could perhaps build in more engagement with the audience, but seeing him do his own flyering before the show maybe means he’s getting all the audience engagement he needs...

This a quality act from someone sure of his material and not afraid to show it. Bring it on.

The Blurb

Edinburgh veteran, Richard Herring, presents his 21st festival show.