The UK may have had some issues with its European neighbours recently in the political world but perhaps all we need is a little bit of glitter and pop to bring us all together. Eurobeat is s new comedy musical that will bring smiles to diehard Eurovision buffs and Euro-newbies alike. A non-stop fun, sequin filled extravagant has landed in Pleasance.

Eurobeat is the biggest, most hilarious party in Edinburgh.

On entering the venue each audience member is told to select a flag, this flag becomes your country for the night. Fanatic waving and whooping for any mention of your country is fully endorsed and encouraged. Each country that has made it through to the Moldova final performers. This includes some firm nods to Euro legends such a Loreen, tongue-in-cheek national stereotypes and a surprise qualification from the Vatican City. It’s a lot to get excited about. After the end of the show you can vote for your top five performers via text with the money going to Waverley Care. The winner is decided each night and performs their victorious routine again. Hosted by Lee Latchford-Evans and Rula Lenska, Eurobeat is the biggest, most hilarious party in Edinburgh.

The humour itself is silly, camp and borderline offensive at times, embracing the true spirit of euro pop. But along with the comedy there are some seriously good vocal performances from the cast that should not be overlooked. The songs are infuriatingly catchy, you can even buy a CD of the songs at the end of the show. The dances are endlessly energetic and a real tribute to Eurovision’s gone by. There are even signature Eurovision botched English attempts. This show has everything you could want in a good night out alongside a quality performance that will keep you waving your flag with passion, laughing all night, and singing all the way home. We may be leaving the EU but hopefully Eurobeat is here to say. 

Reviews by Gillian Bain

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The Blurb

An irreverent, hilarious, sequin-soaked celebration of the international phenomenon Eurovision Song Contest. This year’s honour falls to Moldova, a country determined to present a fantastic new glittering contest against all odds. Ten countries compete for the coveted title and you hold the power by voting live to determine the winner at each exhilarating, high-energy performance. The evening is hosted by the glamorous former KGB agent Katya Kokov, and the three-time winner of Moldova’s Got Talent, Nikolae Nikovsky. Both desperate to make this a fabulous night to remember - no matter what it takes. The party just got bigger!