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Kirsten MacGregor Interview

According to the Fringe programme, there are two types of people in the world - and eighteen year old stand-up newcomer Kirsten Macgregor hates them both. Kirsten talks to Martin Walker about her first hour at the Fringe, premature old age and why she feels suicidal at train stations.

Aidan Strangeman Interview

Aidan Strangeman is a long-time musician and songwriter and relative newcomer to stand-up comedy. As he explains to Martin Walker, he’s delighted to be bringing his debut comedy show to The Gilded Balloon after winning So You Think You're Funny in last year.

Lou Conran Interview

Self-confessed comedian and ‘wierdo’ Lou Conran, talks to dead people. This summer she’ll be spending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on a makeshift stage in a caravan parked on the Assembly Gardens. She chats to a very much alive Martin Walker about her clairvoyant family, and a trip to ‘weirdo’ camp.

Adrienne Truscott Interview

Stand-up comedian, Adrienne Truscott chats to Martin Walker about feminism, Andy Kaufman, wrestling and gearing up for her second Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Adrienne Truscott's A One-Trick Pony!