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BB Radio: ‚ÄčThe Jo Caulfield 'You can make a heckle work for you'

Jo Caulfield is one of the UK's most popular comedians. In this extended and wide ranging interview she takes Martin Walker through her comedy journey - including her seven year stint writing for Graham Norton's TV show. They also discuss what makes a good stand up, heckling and football.

BB Radio: Rahul Kohli 'PC can be dangerous'

Martin Walker chats to stand up comedian, Rahul Kohli, about political correctness in comedy. Warning: interview contains language which may offend if removed from its context. Also contains pigs. And Newcastle Utd.

BB Radio: Jo Burke 'Turns out men love this book'

Jo Burke is a popular stand up comedian and author. After a successful Edinburgh Fringe she talks to Martin Walker about her book, of iScream: From Strangers with Love and explains why, despite lots of dates, she's still single.

BB Radio: Dapper Laughs 'What is wrong with lad culture?'

Dapper Laughs is the controversial creation of character comedian, Daniel O'Reilly. In this exclusive interview with Martin Walker for Broadway Baby Radio, Daniel talks openly about Dapper, the ITV2 show that was axed, the infamous Newsnight interview and resurrecting the character for a new live show. They also talk frankly about the nature of offence in comedy.