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On the Mic Edinburgh podcast: Peter White 'Straight White Male'

Canadian comedian, Peter White's Edinburgh debut is called 'Straight White Male' - because that's what Peter White is. As he explains, this is not a men's rights rally - more an honest exploration of what its like to be part of a majority.

On the Mic Edinburgh podcast: Juliette Burton: 'It's Time'

Critically acclaimed comedian Juliette Burton has to make a BIG decision… and her Edinburgh audience is going to help her make it. Can one choice change a life? Does looking back help us move forward? Let's find out.

On the Mic Edinburgh podcast: Masud Milas 'Routes'

Born in Hong Kong to a Kenyan mum and an English dad, Masud Milas spent his teenage years in New Zealand before eventually moving to England. For his 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe stand up debut, he delivers a story that's somehow unique and relatable.

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