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First Look: Character Portraits of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Released

In the first of three sets of Charlie Gray’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child portraits, joining the previously announced Jamie Parker as Harry Potter are Poppy Miller who will play Ginny Potterand Sam Clemmett who will play Albus Potter. Previews for Part One of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will begin on 7 June with previews of Part Two starting 9 June 2016. The Official Opening performances of Part One and Part Two will take place on Saturday 30 July 2016.

Interview: Off the Cuff: Crime and Funishment

Brighton’s improvised comedy favourites present an impromptu detective drama, replete with colourful characters and lurid plots. A completely new episode created each night from audience suggestions. Prepare to be amused and awed by this spontaneous take on the classic TV whodunit from a group with a decade’s worth of inventive, raucously funny shows.