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Lucy Frederick Interview

Lucy Frederick tells Martin Walker that she grew up with a menagerie of animals. In her new Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, she'll be sharing some of her creature based life stories and showing us her wild side... she also spares a moment to hit back at David Mills!

Going To Space: Get Jazzy On It

The Bluebelles are an all-female A Cappella group with a taste for jazz. They promise singing, solos and dancing to boot. Broadway Baby has a natter.

Sofie Hagen Interview

Danish comedian Sofie Hagen tackles taboo subjects with charm and sensibility, bullet-proof timing and an insatiably amiable personality. So to publicise her Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut hour, Sofie talks to Martin Walker about... Westlife.

David Mills Interview

Focus people! David Mills returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with brand new, razor sharp rants delivered with his signature cocktail swagger and his biting, acerbic wit.  He discusses life hacks, Fosters and alternative dance with Martin Walker - and finds a few choice words for a select few fellow comics, including Scott Capurro and Lucy Frederick.