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On the Mic Edinburgh podcast: Lucie Pohl 'Apohlcalypse Now!'

New York character comedian and actor, Lucie Pohl, is back at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a third year with a new show, 'Apohlcalypse Now!' The star of the up coming 'Red Dwarf' series discusses her year of torment, comedy and naked hostility.

On the Mic Edinburgh podcast: Mark Dolan Life Hacks

Mark Dolan is well known for being one of the nicest folk in comedy, so how did he end up co-presenting a TV show with Katie Hopkins - and having worked with her, does he like her? Mark also discusses his Edinburgh show, 'Life Hacks'.

On the Mic Extra: Bob Slayer 'Iraq Out and Loud'

Bob Slayer chats about Fringe show, 'Iraq Out & Loud: Reading the Chilcot Report in Full' He goes on to talk about the shows he's promoting at the Edinburgh Fringe and why his 'Pay What You Want' format is catching on.

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