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Sajeela Kershi Interview

Sajeela Kershi is a Muslim agnostic in agony. Sitting firmly on the faith fence, she's equally intolerant of fanatic atheists as she is of religious fanatics. Sajeela asks Martin Walker why it’s so hard for people to say, “I don’t know” when it comes to religion.

The Jest - Ella Ainsworth Interview

Five person sketch group ‘The Jest’, present a world of wayward characters, black humour and delightfully dark sketches. Martin Walker talks to Jester, Ella Ainsworth about mixing horror with humour, and what it’s like to share a flat with four other people for a month.

Charlotte McDougall Interview

Character comedian Charlotte McDougall makes her solo debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as Gay Furnish Flirt Coach, sexologist and dating guru. As Charlotte explains to Martin Walker, Gay can change your life.

Croft & Pearce Interview

Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce have been writing and performing sketches together for years, having first met at school. Martin Walker enjoyed the company of this playful double act as they mulled over their new Radio 4 series and their latest Edinburgh Fringe show, ‘There’s Always Something’.