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Agent of Influence’s Sarah Sigal on the Unusual Staying Power of Pamela More

Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More is the story of a high-society fashion journalist recruited by MI5 to facilitate the abdication of King Edward VIII. Broadway Baby’s James T Harding met playwright Sarah Sigal to learn more about holding seances with fictional characters, the nature of theatrical collaboration, and her family’s multigenerational conspiracy theory.

Staging the Unstageable with Kill The Beast’s Zoe Roberts & Natasha Hodgson

Macabre comedy company Kill The Beast (Peter Brook and Manchester Theatre Award winners) return to the Fringe with their 70s werewolf spectacular He Had Hairy Hands and a new 80s futuristic throwback, Don’t Wake the Damp. Broadway Baby’s James T Harding met writer-performers Zoe Roberts and Natasha Hodgson to learn about the magic of Warwick, the role of democracy in script development, and creating compelling women’s roles in horror.

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