Broadway Baby


Lucy Frederick Interview

Lucy Frederick tells Martin Walker that she grew up surrounded by a menagerie of animals. Throughout her new Edinburgh Festival Fringe show she will be sharing some of her hysterically funny life stories and very possibly showing us her animalistic wild side!

Sofie Hagen Interview

Danish comedian Sofie Hagen tackles taboo subjects with charm and sensibility, bullet-proof timing and an insatiably amiable personality. So to publicise her Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut hour, Sofie talks to Martin Walker about... Westlife.

David Mills Interview

Focus people! David Mills returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with brand new, razor sharp rants delivered with his signature cocktail swagger and his biting, acerbic wit.  Martin Walker attempts to persuade this cross between, Dave Allen and Larry Grayson, not to quit comedy and take up alternative dance.

Hurt and Anderson: Sketchbombs

Georgia Hurt and Laura Anderson have been friends and comedy partners since the age of 15, making their Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut as Hurt and Anderson in 2011. In a very special interview, they talk to Martin Walker about what to expect from their latest offering, Sketchbombs and as an extra treat, perform an excerpt from the show.