Broadway Baby


Jennie Benton Smith Interview

Jennie Benton Smith is a 15 year old rapper and spoken word artist appearing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In her first ever interview with Broadway Baby, she tells Martin Walker that her parents think she’s away from her Tunbridge Wells home working on a school project. She also performs a short poem from the show.

Sajeela Kershi Interview

Sajeela Kershi is a Muslim agnostic in agony. Sitting firmly on the faith fence, she's equally intolerant of fanatic atheists as she is of religious fanatics. Sajeela asks Martin Walker why it’s so hard for people to say, “I don’t know” when it comes to religion.

Chris Betts Interview

From behind the bar Chris Betts has been privy to the unexpected and the ridiculous. Weaving together sharp observations, confident and enticing delivery and original perspectives, his Edinburgh Fringe show, ‘Social Animal’ looks like one to watch. Martin Walker finds out more.

Ed Gamble Interview

Ed Gamble doesn’t just love rules. He wants more. Past attempts at transgressions have left him in no doubt that straight down the line is the only way forward. He tries to convince a sceptical Martin Walker that the human race needs keeping in check. This is Ed Gamble: Lawman.