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SpaceDating: Angel to Vampire!

Broadway Baby chats to Nigel Osner who is bringing a variety of songs and stories in Angel to Vampire! 

Sebastian de Souza & Preston Thompson talk Kids in Love

Adult Life Skills made its world premiere at the 2016 Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film follows the disruption of Jack (Will Poulter)’s gap-year plans when he meets a beautiful girl (Alma Jodorowsky) and is drawn into young bohemian London. Broadway Baby’s Features Editor James T Harding was on hand to ask co-writers Sebastian De Souza (known for his acting roles on Skins, The Borgias, and Recovery Road) and his high-school friend Preston Thompson (who plays Cassius in the film) about their screenwriting collaboration and how they think we can fix the inaccurate portrayal of young people in drama and comedy.

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