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Life Upon The Wicked Stage: Showstoppers "Oh What A Fringe"

It's a wrap! The Showstoppers bring us their final summary of the festival. See you all next year guys!

​‘My first foray into the world of drama’ - Spoken-Word Legend Luke Wright

Luke Wright is a British poet, performer and broadcaster. He has written eight poetry shows, three books of verse and his poems can often be heard on BBC Radios 3 & 4. This year, he has two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe: What I Learned From Johnny Bevan and Stay-at-Home Dandy. Carly Brown sat down with him to discuss poetry, creating characters and what his two Fringe shows have in common.

​‘You can get away with anything dressed as Thatcher’ - Matt Tedford on inhabiting the Iron Lady for Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

Matt Tedford’s drag incarnation as Margaret Thatcher started life as a simple Halloween joke but has since taken on a bit of a life of her own, winning him Best Male Performer at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. James T Harding quizzes Matt about his Fringe show Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, the not-so-true story of how Margaret Thatcher got lost in Soho one dark, rainy night, became a cabaret sensation, and single-handedly defeated Section 28 before it is passed by parliament.

Steffan Alun: The Festival is Always Worth It

Stand Up Steffan Alun has a fair few things to say about stepping up to stand up at the Free Fringe. We’ve asked him to write an irregular column for us about the whys and indeed hows of performing comedy in Edinburgh.

​The Paula Varjack Three Minute Interview

Paula Varjack is a writer, filmmaker and performance maker. She has performed at numerous arts festivals including Glastonbury Festival and Berlin International Literature Festival, and is the creator of the Anti-Slam, a satirical take on poetry slams where the lowest score wins. Her solo theatre show, How I Became Myself (by Becoming Someone Else), is at the Edinburgh Fringe. Carly Brown chatted with her about building a multi-media show, creating a persona and her favorite aspect of the Fringe.