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The Trials of Galileo


Life Upon The Wicked Stage: Puddles Pity Party

Stuart shares lunch with Puddles, whose Pity Party is at EdFringe.

Bobby or not Bobby? Emily Carding as Richard III is Broadway Baby’s pick of the Fringe

In Brite Theatre's production of Shakespeare’s Richard III, Emily Carding stars as Richard but all the world’s a stage and the audience literally players in it - taking on the parts of all the other characters in the play. Dave House met Emily, who co-adapted the play with director Kolbrun Sigfusdottir, to talk innovation in Shakespeare, the appeal of Richard in particular, and surprises her with a Bobby Award for the show.

I know that quote’s actually from Hamlet but it was too good to not use. Forgive me.

​‘You can get away with anything dressed as Thatcher’ - Matt Tedford on inhabiting the Iron Lady for Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

Matt Tedford’s drag incarnation as Margaret Thatcher started life as a simple Halloween joke but has since taken on a bit of a life of her own, winning him Best Male Performer at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. James T Harding quizzes Matt about his Fringe show Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, the not-so-true story of how Margaret Thatcher got lost in Soho one dark, rainy night, became a cabaret sensation, and single-handedly defeated Section 28 before it is passed by parliament.

Pie Of The Day: Tangy Lemon Tart

On a sunny day there's nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea and a fruity tart in the sun while enjoying the world, and a lovely place to do that is The Richmond Cafe. You'll find a suggestive selection of tasty treats including today's choice, the tangy lemon tart. Served simply with just enough sugar this will please any palette.